Successful Stories:
Alhamdulilla most of our students have gained employment are now self sufficient. A few of them are;

Mrs. F. Rahuzana of D5 GnanawimalaRoad, Dematagoda, Colombo 09, who has completed Beauty Culture course and has opened up a Salon. Alhamdulillah! she is now running her salon successfully.

Mrs. G. Tasmin of 57 Maligawatte Place, Co -10, who has completed a Cake Icing course has started her Catering orders for Birthday/Engagement and Wedding cakes.


A student from Mattakkuliya - Mrs. F. Shamila Nazim - Followed an extensive cookery course and is now taking catering orders. She has a very large clientele Ms. Thaslima Begum Faiz - followed Ribbon & Brazilian Embroidery and she is taking orders from her neighborhood families. She specialized in children's clothes.
A student from Panadura - Ms. K. Shanaz Begum - followed a Beauty Culture course and is taking orders to dress Brides. She specializes in facial & Bridal dressing. A student from Slave Island - Ms. G. Shameera Nalajayah -followed a Dress Making course and she takes sewing orders.
A student from Panadura - Mrs. F. Mursina - followed a Cake Icing course and she conducts classes at home and as well as takes orders for Birthday and Engagement Cakes. A student from Slave Island - Mrs. Reema Azam - followed a Brazilian Embroidery course and she takes Embroidery orders. She is now earning approx. Rs: 25,000/= to 30,000/= a month.
A student from Maligawatte - Mrs. F. Rifka - followed a Beauty Culture course and she is very popular in Dressing Brides. She now has a substantial income to support her family A talented student from Rajagiriya – Ms. B. Hajara -followed a Cake Icing course. She now has a large clientele for making Birthday, Engagement & wedding cakes



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